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We Treat and God Heals

" ALL I SEEM To Do is Hurt ME"​

Life-Changing Counseling Services and Drug 

and Alcohol Screening

Exodus Clinical Counseling Services is committed to inspiring and assisting patients to resolve their emotional and behavioral issues. We take a holistic approach to treatment and implement various methods to treat issues regarding mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders in adults and adolescents.

One size does not fit all in treatment, and some programs are not a good fit for everyone. Here at EXODUS Clinical Counseling Services, we meet you where you are and journey with you until you are better and even if you stumble and fall we pick you up and dust you off and keep it moving. STAY STRONG BECAUSE RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

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Mission Statement

Exodus Clinical Counseling Services is committed to resolving emotional issues and behavioral problems, which prevent one from developing closer relationships with family and friends. We are committed to bringing about healing, and at the end of the treatment, you will feel productive, inspired, encouraged, and safe.

For Profit/Non Profit


Exodus Clinical Counseling Services

Licensed Clinical Counselors at Your Service



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